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Gas-release valves

SEIKO COFFEE developed a valve which allows coffee to be packed right after roasting and maintains the freshness of coffee, based on our innovative technique and long experience as a coffee company.

Structure of Gas-release valve

How to keep the freshness
  1. Even after packaging, roasted coffee breathes ad the packaging will gradually expand. In order to maintain the coffee’s freshness, a safety valve can be attached to the bag and release CO2 off-gassed from the coffee from the package.
    We can also attach the safety valve to the coffee bag. If interested, please contact us.

Characteristic of Gas-release valve

Gas-release valve machine

The 20mm diameter valve can maintain coffee’s freshness and prevent the aroma and taste from spoiling.

Gas-release Valve Welding machine

The gas-release valve is used to maintain the freshness of miso (soybean paste) as well as coffee.
We can also attach Gas-release valve to customer’s own packaging.


With a coffee bag

To allow us to provide the freshest coffee to customers, with all the flavor and aroma preserved.

With a cover of miso package

MISO(soybean paste)
The gas-release valve is used to maintain the freshness of miso(soybean paste) as well as coffee.

With a bag of fermented food

We can also attach degassing valves to customer’s own packaging.

Step from ordering to delivery

flow1 Send us your sample packaging. We will attach the valve and send it back.
flow2 Send us your coffee bags. (Delivery fee is paid by customers)
flow3 Using the latest equipment, our skilled staff will attach the valves to your coffee bags.
flow3 After the valves are attached, we send them to you (Delivery fee is paid by SEIKO COFFEE Company)

Contact us.


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