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Coffee Laboratory

2.	Seiko Coffee established laboratory with the purpose of performing the product testing necessary to ensure the quality and taste of the coffee.

To let consumers to be satisfied with highly controlled quality.

In our newly established laboratory, our quality control technicians daily perform the product testing necessary to ensure the quality and taste of the coffee. Seiko Coffee tries to make good use of data from the research to produce high quality products.
Quality of the Seiko products is improving continuously to let consumers to be satisfied.

Product management

Seiko Coffee is importing the best quality green coffee beans from the selected countries all over the world.
Green coffee beans are stored at controlled temperature and moisture conditions under frequent observation to maintain the quality.

Green beans are roasting at optimum temperatures at a particular length of time and are grinding to specific mesh size to maintain balance of pleasant aroma, body and acidity of the final product, under control by Seiko Coffee Brazil-coffee appraiser.


Measuring quality parameters

Measuring various factors of coffee


Product research

Drip bag coffee

Seiko Coffee is continuously improving the products to let the consumer enjoy the best cup of coffee.

Ice coffee

Every batch of ice- coffee and bottled water is dispatched after the microbial tests.


Hygiene of the bottled water is strictly monitored by microbial tests.

Seiko Coffee  The chief of Coffee Laboratory