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Green Beans

SEIKO COFFEE Company imports green coffee beans from all over the world.

updated on 4 SEPTEMBER 2017  Major Green Coffee Beans and Exporting countries
Brazil No2 S17/18 Kenya AA Q grade
Brazil No2 Semi-washed S18 Kenya Karatina AB Q grade
Brazil No2 S18 Mandheling G-1
Brazil No2 Arara S18 Toraja Rante Carua
Brazil No2 S19 Queen Sumatra S18
Brazil Bourbon Cachoeira estate Q grade Indonesia Robusta WIB-1 Large
Colombian Qgrade Indonesia Robusta AP-1
Colombian Excelso Ruby Mountain (Vietnam Arabica)
Colombian Supremo Cuba TL (Out of stock)
Colombian Supremo Huila San Agustin High Mountain
Peruvian Chanchamayo Blue Mountain No.1 (Clycesdale) (Out of stock)
Peruvian Organic Kunamia Mexico SHG New Mexico Farm (RA  Approved)
Peruvian Cusco EL Salvador SHG
Honduras HG EL Salvador SHG La Joya Estate Q grade
Honduras SHB Micro-Lot "Los Limos" Dominica AA Baraona
Guatemala SHB(Out of stock) Hawaii Kona Prime Washed S18 (Out of stock)
Guatemala SHB Huehuetenango Costa Rica SHB Coral Mountain
Guatemala Antigua La Comunidad Special Blend 10kg bag
Mocha Sidamo G-4 Panama volcan de Baru
Mocha Yirgacheffee G-2 Ecuador Vilca Mountain
Mocha Lekempty G-4 (Out of stock) Colombian Decaffeinated by washing with Swiss water
Mocha Matari No.9 Brazil Decaffeinated by washing with Swiss water
Mocha Harrar Longberry (Stock shortage) Caffeineless Mocha
Mocha Harrar Boldgrain Rwanda Kibuye (Out of stock)
Mocha Shakiso Grade1 Natural Burundi FW AA
Tanzania AA Snow Top  
Tanzania AA  
India Monsoon  
China Unnam Mountain (Out of stock)  
Papua New Guinea AA Premium  
Papua New Guinea AA Paradise Premium  

Imported green beans are stored in cool and dark conditions.

生豆情報 定温倉庫

Hulls, chaff, or stones contained in the green beans are removed.
Using a strong metal detector, objects such as nails are also removed.

生豆情報 異物除去装置 生豆情報 異物← Detected metals and stones. 

Selling the green beans
Green beans are sold in jute bags or 10kg plastic bags.
生豆情報 10kg袋 


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